The Nilgiris

Mudumalai Wild Life sanctury comprising of 321 Sq.kms of Tropical Wilderness lies within the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, bodering Kerala and Karnataka.

The other significance is that this sanctuary is included in the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve which is the first one to be declared in the India and selected by the UNESCO.


A variety of habitats ranging from tropical evergreen forest, moist mixed deciduous forest, Moist teak forest, Dry teak forest, Secondary grassland and swamps are found here.


We find a variety of animals and birds in this habitat which includes a variety of animals like Elephant, Gaur, tiger, Panther, samber, Spotted deer, barking deer, Mouse deer, Common langur, malabar Giant Squirrel, flying Squirrel, Four horned antelope, wild dog, Jackal, mongoose, Wild cat, Rusty spotted cat, Ratel, Leopard cat, sloth bear, Wild boar, Porcupine etc.

The avi fauna is varied with Minivet, Hornbills, Golden Orile, Chloropsis, Wood cock, Paradise fly catcher, Golden backed and Malabar great black wood peckers, Bluewinged Parakeet, fairy bluebirds, Jungle fowl, Rocket tailed drongo, Peacock etc.

The reptiliens are represented by the python, Monitor Lizard, Tortoise, Flying Lizard, Cobra, Krait, Vipers etc.

Other picturesque scenic spots in the sanctuary include the Moyar water falls, View point at Kargudi, Ombetta Swamp, Tribal temples in Manradiar avenue, Theppakkadu elephant camp etc.